May 2nd 2014: Reed College, as part of Renn Fayre 2014

April 20th 2014: Balegdeh Celebration at the world-famous Langano Lounge (R.I.P.) w/ Shannon Phone, Spliff Angel and DJ sets from Rap Class, Break Mode, Kitchen DJ

April 4th 2014: KPSU As part of the KPSU All-Nighter 24-Hour Party, on air alongside many many wonderful Portland acts.

March 8th 2014: Independent Publishing Resource Center w/ readings from local authors Alex Wrekk, Sarah Mirk, Joshua James, Davis Woods-Morse, Marla Singer, Kenia Perez-Correa

February 28th 2014: Rotture w/ Team Sexy, The Perfect Cyn, Art of Hot

February 19th 2014: Holocene w/ Magic Mouth, Phone Call, dance by House of Aquarius, DJ Ill Camino

February 13th 2014: Dig a Pony w/ DJs Holla N Oates and Roy G Biv

January 18th 2014: Club Tropicana at the Knock Back w/ Natural Magic, Krycek, and resident DJs Kitchen DJ and Break Mode with special host Chanticleer Tru and portraits by Michael Horwitz

December 11th 2013: Holocene w/ House of Light, Exotic Club, Magic Fades DJs

November 21st 2013: East End w/ Children of the Universal Sound

November 16th 2013: Sound+Vision at Hollywood Theater w/ Feyonce, Dubais, Aaron Montaigne, Dane Overton , and DJs Stefan Ransom and Crystal Baxley

October 5th 2013: Kelly's Olympian w/ Eastern Sunz and Bitch Slap

September 19th 2013: East End w/ Phone Call and DJ Freaky Outty

September 11th 2013: Recess

August 28th 2013: Crocodile w/ Garlicman & Chikn and Sistafist

August 2nd 2013: Crush for Portland Queer Music Festival VIDEO PHOTO

July 20th 2013: East End w/ Rap Class, Hot Fruit PHOTO

July 4th 2013: White Owl Social Club w/ Magic Mouth, Sistafist, Havania Whaal VIDEO PHOTO

June 28th 2013: Casa Verde w/ Poppet, Mmm'Ocean PHOTO

May 29th 2013: Mississippi Studios w/ Minden, Sistafist VIDEO

May 11th 2013: Alexiesia's Center for the Arts w/ Sistafist, Hammercise, Kimberlily, Makoi VIDEO

April 20th 2013: Muff Mansion w/ Antecessor, Misandrist, Initiation PHOTO

March 16th 2013: Abe's Basement w/ Break Mode, DJ Kitchen PHOTO

March 14th 2013: Kenton Club w/ Ghost Ease, Mega Bog, Punishment PHOTO

February 7th 2013: Recess Gallery w/ Pregnant, Poppet, Mason Lindahl. PHOTO

January 2nd 2013: Kenton Club w/ Jaberi & Deutsch PHOTO

November 25th 2012: Valentine's w/ Unkle Funkle, Jeau Breedlove. VIDEO PHOTO

October 14th 2012: Rotture w/ Molly Nilsson, Lost Lockets, DJ Citymouth. VIDEO


IBQT is the beautiful fusion of Gumar (Break Mode, Gumar & His Magical Midi Band and Dropping Gems) and Cole Baby (Scavenger Cunt, Cole & The Rats). Best friends forever at first sight, these two boys share one vision, some weird noise, and one decision. The decision is a commitment to sincerity, intimacy, positivity, and laudation of the female form. A boy-band from the future-past, IBQT invites you to their private slumber parties as Gumar and Cole Baby undulate over crouched fog and shed matching jumpsuits to reveal nightgowns. Initially spectators, we emerge as part of the spectacle and commune within the joys friendship, make up sex, and the rapture of a fine ass. And if it's true that no one can encounter another person directly, but only their style; IBQT's resistance to conform to one style creates a space where we can be nomads, together, across a wild musical terrain.



Live on 4th of July 2013 with the QT Boyz

Pleased To Meet You, Episode 7: IBQT

IBQT live at Mississippi Studios